Show your support for better school funding

Budgets reflect priorities, so what does Michigan school funding say about our values?  Today, Michigan is one of the bottom five states nationwide for equitable school funding. We are failing to provide equal opportunity for student success.

The impact of this fundamental unfairness falls hardest on students who have long been underserved and have the greatest needs: those from low-income families, new English speakers, students with disabilities and those attending schools that are isolated, or are in areas with high concentrations of poverty or low property wealth.

Our future as a state rests on the shoulders of our children and our children deserve better.

For their bright future and ours, Michigan must move to a fair and equitable system for funding our schools. And schools, districts and the state should be accountable and transparent in their spending.

I prioritize fairness in opportunity and equity in school funding. I prioritize basing school funding off the needs of the student, not the zip code where they live. I pledge to support funding equity and accountability for school spending and urge you to do so, as well.